welcome to Bokamoso’s


Our honey tastes good and does good as well

welcome to Bokamoso’s


Our honey tastes good and does good as well

welcome to Bokamoso’s


Our honey tastes good and does good as well

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about us

local, DELICIOUS 'n organic

Straight from the crown of an acacia - to the beautiful sunflower fields, Bee Loved Honey serves you a smooth, organic & unprocessed ambrosia, rich in its original vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

The raw liquid gold you're palming was cultivated by our previously-disadvantaged small scale farmers in the Kalahari depths of the North West Province. Empowering people empowers your palate, so drizzle our proudly African all-natural nectar for a dose of pure nourishment. 

Bee Loved Honey is a Bokamoso Brand.
"A sustainable model for increasing household income across
SADC, while addressing social and environmental challenges
And a decline in honey bees in the continent.


One Million Beehives Initiative For Global Food Security

Lesego is committed to addressing the collapse of the honey bee population in Africa through the implementation of on the ground solutions to restore and protect honey bee populations.

Our planet's food security is largely dependent on an abundance of natural pollinators; including honey bees, birds, and other insects, but Honey bee colonies worldwide have been declining at an alarming rate.

This commitment seeks to address issues related to dwindling honey bee populations by allowing individuals to buy beehives in order to replenish honey bee populations and training small scale rural farmers to become beekeepers.

Each of these will promote growth in honey bee populations and provide a mechanism for sustaining healthy honey bee colonies.

This commitment is an important step in restoring vital honey bee populations and ensuring sustainable crop yields; a critical need for global food security.

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Empowering people empowers your palate, so drizzle our proudly South African and
African all-natural nectar for a dose of pure nourishment

Honey Gift Box (2 x 395G)
R 500
Sunflower Honey (260G)
R 120
Raw Multiflora Honey (395G)
R 140

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There is so much you can do with honey and we're going to ignite your inspiration with wonderful honey recipes

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Our mission

OUR empowerment MISSION

Our mission, as Bokamoso Foods, is to bring the delights and health-benefits of high-quality honey to the world.

At the heart of everything we do is the question "How does our work empower the disadvantaged? We know our product will taste good, but will it do good as well?"

We are an advocate of creative choices, healthy living, and the power of community. We infuse these values in all that we do. 


Our founder

Lesego Serolong Holzapfel is a 2019 Tutu Fellow. She was listed Mail & Guardian 200 South Africans. Standard Bank Top Woman of the Year & received the Trail Blazer Presidential Award. She is CEO and founder, Bokamoso Impact Investments.

Lesego completed a Master of Science (MSc) in Social Policy and Development at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

She also with Neil, her husband, founded Raise the Children in 2008. Lesego, being a South African orphan herself, has always had a deep desire to give back to the community that raised her and to mentor and empower the many that share her story.

Lesego is passionate about Agriculture and African leadership as part of core entrepreneurial drivers that she speaks and teaches about.

She describes herself as Mission-driven. Risk taker. Compassionate.

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