One Million Beehives

Healthy, Sustainable Honey

We believe that our clients don’t just want honey — they want to know that their purchase is healthy and benefits
the environment and society in a meaningful way. Sadly, the honey industry is filled with imported honey that is blended with all sorts of unhealthy additions.

This honey is distributed at unsustainable costs, which impacts the beekeeping industry negatively, by making it difficult for beekeeping to be sustainable.

This unsustainability discourages potential beekeepers to continue their trade, which in turn lowers bee populations, which then affects crop pollination.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s what Bee Loved Honey’s sustainable mission is all about: high-quality, environmentally responsible honey which genuinely benefits the beekeepers who produce the honey.

How One Million Beehives Works


We partner with passionate organizations and individuals to raise money globally to manufacture quality beehives


We identify passionate people in rural communities, supply them with beehives & training in order to become professional beekeepers


We link our beekeepers with farms in need of pollination services & broker pollination contracts, to make a sustainable living


We collect the raw honey produced from the pollination services, bottle it, and distribute it to various retailers and our online shop

Why Bees?

Food Security

The agricultural industry is heavily reliant on bees to pollinate crops. Without Bees, humans would only have a maximum of 4 years to live

Industry Impact

Industries such as Fashion, Livestock feed, Medicine and the Spice industry are heavily reliant pollination

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